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Sarah Davies Photography

On Saturday, June 14, Lighthouse Point Yacht Club will have Sarah Davies Photography here on site.  We picked this day hoping that more people will be around to take advantage of the opportunity since it is the Saturday of the Rising Sun Yacht Club Fish Fry.  If there is bad weather, we will reschedule, and if you’re not likely to be here on June 14, we can always make other arrangements with Sarah for a private session.

For only $20, she will take a small set of photos, pick the best one, edit it, and email it to you.  Arrangements for longer sessions or more prints can be made with her on the day.  Her normal sessions are also extremely affordable, and you own the photos afterwards (you don’t have to go through her to get more printed).

Contact Angie in the office at (812) 926-4505 or if you’re interested to be sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.  

Start thinking about what kind of setup you would like in your photos.  With the Lighthouse and such a large property, as well as photos with your boat and on the water, your possibilities are endless!


Below is a sample of her work, including some taken at LPYC.  I’ll tell you:  I had a hard time just picking a few.  Her work is outstanding!


[flagallery gid=33]